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Freelance : 2D & 3D Animation / Motion Graphics / Ideas Guy

Featured Work

2D & 3D Production

All aspects of 2D & 3D production including modelling, texturing, animation, render wrangling & effects production such as fluids & particle systems.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and compositing to produce a wide variety of output from simple 2D animation to multi layered, production ready, film plates.

Video Editing

A wealth of experience editing various kinds of video projects using industry standard software. From short animations through to full length video projects.

Writing & Direction

Through all creative stages of a project, I can handle all aspects of writing. Including synopsis development, storyboard creation, scriptwriting & narration.



Skilled and Versatile

I am a North-West based 2D & 3D animation specialist with over 14 years experience in the animation industry. I take a brief through from creative concept to final delivery, handling all stages of production with the utmost of care and attention to fine detail. I am a diligent and punctual ‘hands-on’ professional, constantly looking to improve myself with each new exciting project.




 Skills Summary

Producing animation requires a huge set of varied skills, below is a quick summary of more pertinent skills I use on a daily basis:

  • 3D Animation 100%
  • 2D Animation 100%
  • Motion Graphics 80%
  • Video Editing 90%
  • Illustration 70%

Blog On

Inspiration, musings and general nonsense I dig or dream up.



This is just delightful. I’m a big fan of stop motion in general, but when it involves Lego AND breakfast? Yes! The usual home-made Lego stop motion movies are character based famous scene recreations; which is handy as the audio is right there already. But this relatively mundane task is incredibly refreshing to watch, and the audio just makes me hungry. Brilliant stuff from BrickBros. Check it out... read more

Personal Project: Walk Cycle Office Guy

So, I haven’t posted in a little while due to a pretty heavy workload, but I do have a little test to share here. I have recently been commissioned to produce an explainer video for an insurance company. Obviously, the subject matter is going to be a little ‘yawnsville’, so I’ve been asked to give the characters a little ‘humour and bounce’ to keep the audience attentive for the 2 mins duration. Well, you can’t get more bouncy than Mr. Stampy here. The actual characters are going to look hugely different to the one above, but I simply wanted to dust off my walk cycle skills before starting the project... read more

Terminator 2 in GTAV

Wow, I’m impressed when I see a recreation of a scene from a film in the GTAV engine, but to see a full film (more or less) painstakingly recreated? Now that’s pretty impressive. All of the iconic scenes in the original film are here, recreated shot for shot, using what looks to be a lot of luck regarding the NPC’s of Liberty City. If you only watch a few minutes of this make it the truck chase scene, brilliantly done. Although this has has been produced most likely for a bit of fun, I can really see its application here as a pre-visualisation tool for film makers with little to no budget. Check out the full thing... read more

Personal Project: Rain Dance Badge

My son is a HUGE ‘Hey Duggee‘ fan. If you aren’t aware of the award winning kids TV show from Studio AKA, head on over to BBC iPlayer and have a gander yourself, it’s beautiful. Very cleverly and boldly designed and animated, I largely ignored it until my 5 year old suggested we watch it together one afternoon, and am I glad I did. One particular episode involves the crew earning their ‘rain dance’ badge. Not seeing it animated in the show prompted my boy to ask me to recreate it on ‘my black box’ (computer), to which I obliged! (embedded above) He loved it, as did Studio AKA.  ... read more

New Work: National Trust

I recently completed a lovely little animation for the National Trust’s ‘Point of Sale Acquisition Suite’ reveal. I oversaw every aspect of the animation, from writing the initial script, directing the illustration, through to completely animating the piece. It was a wonderful project to be involved in and was received very warmly by the National Trust. Link to project below: National Trust: Point of Sale Acquisition... read more

Star Wars Infographic

Yes, of course I’m a Star Wars fan, and so are you probably….so get ready for this monumental infographic. Martin Panchaud has outlined the entirety of ‘A New Hope’ in one continuous graphic. Every scene, every character, every layout, every bit of dialogue; it’s mind boggling. I would of embedded here, but it probably would of broken my website! Check the link out below for awesomeness:... read more


I absolutely love this short animation. Beautifully and boldly designed and animated with such brilliant subtlety. It’s the kind of thing I wish I’d done myself. Check it out below, get some bubble wrap ready to pop after for balance:... read more

Game of Thrones Intro: Super Mario

As a fan of both of these wonderful things, how could I not love this GOT, Super Mario mash up?! That 8 bit version of the soundtrack too! I love how every little detail has been paid real attention too, including the house banners in the titles. Check it out... read more

Meta Augmented Reality

As a virtual reality enthusiast and Oculus Rift owner; my radar pinged when Meta floated by. Meta (and soon Meta 2) is an augmented reality headset that allows users to interact with their content with their actual hands. The applications for use are incredibly exciting and I will be keeping a close eye on where Meta goes in the future. Promo video below:... read more

Something to Say?

Whether you have a genuine work enquiry or just want to say hi, please feel free to drop me a line. I am currently available for new freelance projects, and I am always interested in new and exciting project proposals.

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